Geologix, Inc.

Water Supply Planning, Development, Management

Today, many factors conspire demanding a sophisticated, science-based approach to water supply planning, development and management. These include increasing competition; the need for environmental compatibility; contamination; and climate variability.  Compounding this, is a growing public understanding that water resources are finite and more rigorous environmental-regulatory standards.

Geologix possesses a 30-year track record of developing sustainable water supplies for clients.  We integrate a comprehensive array of technical and planning applications to effectively accomplish this, including:

v  Hydrogeology

v  Geology-Hydrology-Geophysics

v  Groundwater Exploration

v  Aquatic Biology

v  Withdrawal Impacts Analysis & Mitigation

v  Integrated Water Supply Planning

v  Well & Wellfield Design

v  Water System Design

v  Automated Environmental Monitoring Systems

v  Wellhead Protection

v  Watershed Protection  & Reservoir Management

v  Public Policy & Communications

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