Geologix, Inc.

About Geologix

Geologix, Inc. is an environmental and water resources consulting firm.  With nearly 30 years experience, we help you embrace environmental challenges using state-of-the art technologies delivered in your business context.  We listen carefully to your goals, objectives and considerations, and then develop and offer technically sound, cost- and time-effective programs to achieve them.

We work for private and public-sector clients, with operations ranging in scope from strictly local, to global.  We are technical and regulatory experts that excel at effectively managing and communicating the inherent uncertainties associated with the development, management and remediation of the natural world.

Our clients seek the development of science-based programs that address sensitive environmental settings and complex regulatory-compliance requirements. This includes a specialized focus on the development of engineering solutions that balance water-supply and -resource sustainability variables including technical, regulatory and social-responsibility aspects.  We are leaders in the area of environmental regulation and public-policy development.

Please contact us for detailed information about our qualifications and experience or a confidential discussion of your goals and objectives.